SXSW Press Release

BlyncSync Received Alternate by SXSW Accelerator Competition

BlyncSync to showcase Safety Software Platform in the Transportation category

BlyncSync, a company offering a preliminary/preventative safety platform to the ever increasing problem of fatigue related accidents in the trucking industry, was selected as a finalist in the transportation category for the ninth annual SXSW Accelerator competition. The accelerator is the marquee event of South by Southwest® (SXSW®) Conference and Festivals (March 10-19, 2017) Startup Village®, where leading startups from around the world showcase some of the most impressive new tech innovations to a panel of hand-picked judges and a live audience. Out of the more than 500 companies who applied to present at SXSW Accelerator, BlyncSync was selected out of 50 finalists in ten different categories.

The two-day event will be held the first weekend of SXSW Conference and Festivals, Saturday, March 11 through Sunday, March 12, on the third floor of the Downtown Austin Hilton. The pitch competition will then culminate with the SXSW Accelerator Awards Ceremony on Sunday evening, March 12, where winning startups from each category will be announced and honored. The Accelerator competition will feature finalists across the following ten categories: Augmented and Virtual Reality, Enterprise and Smart Data, Entertainment and Content, Health and Wearables, Innovative World, Payment and FinTech, Security and Privacy, Social and Culture, Sports, and Transportation.

BlyncSync will present alongside five other companies in the Transportation category at 10AM.

About BlyncSync Technologies

Within recent years, the rate of accidents in the trucking industry is rapidly increasing. Fatigue is a leading cause. The current regulation has stripped drivers of the flexibility they once had, causing much more fatigue related accidents. For decades the truck driving industry has had a huge problem with accidents due to truck driver fatigue, numerous hardware solutions have tried to prevent this problem but fall short due to their reactionary nature. Regulation has also tried to prevent this problem but unfortunately the knowledge gap between truckers and regulators, when it comes to truly understanding their perspective, is too sizeable. Accidents will continue to grow unless a preventive solution is introduced. 50% of all, trucker at fault, accidents are fatigue related, it results in costing thousands of people their lives and companies millions of dollars annually. BlyncSync is a safety software platform that hosts multiple biometric devices in order to provide real time and projected fatigue levels of drivers. BlyncSync Technologies is composed of a passionate team whose main goal is to assist in optimal shift planning, boosting work efficiency, reducing accident rates, and reducing operating costs by providing a preventative & cost effective safety system.

“BlyncSync is honored to present as an alternate in the SXSW Accelerator Competition Transportation Category. Big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. Looking forward to meeting new faces in Austin, TX,” said BlyncSync Co-Founder Austin Green.

BlyncSync Contact:

Austin Green
Co-Founder, BlyncSync Technologies
(405) 345-SYNC (345-7962)
(817) 965-2393

About SXSW

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“SXSW Accelerator has hosted some of the most innovative startups over the eight years we’ve held our competition. These companies have gone on to capture the attention of investors and leading technology companies worldwide. 71 percent have received funding in excess of $3.1 billion, while 14 percent were acquired,” said SXSW Accelerator Event Producer Chris Valentine.

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SXSW Accelerator Contact:

Chris Valentine
SXSW, Event Manager
(512) 699-3467